Studio 8. Rehearsal/live room.

Studio 8

Is a furnished band rehearsal room.

Kit Spec 500 watt Behringer pa with wharf-dale speakers

Mapex Saturn series 5 piece drum kit plus hardware

1 4×12 Marshall Cab.

1 Bass combo

The room can accommodate 5 members, all at the required 2 metre social distancing

Available for hire 7 days. This room is also a live multi tracking room available to engineers who want to hire and record a band or for bands who want to record their rehearsal.

Its excellent for Drum tracking with a high ceiling we can achieve a big earthy sound. There are 6 broadband absorbers positioned at different angles designed to treat the mids and highs, these can be adjusted to get that different feel. In combination with the floor to ceiling bass traps, they add the finishing touches to a well treated live room proven a success by many A list members over the last 10 years.

Superb practise room, Worcestershire

Price per hour £20


Drummers need to bring breakables i.e. snare, cymbals, kick pedal and sticks. If you forget there’s a small hire charge for the above.