Studio 5

Is a band rehearsal room.

It normally accommodates a 5 piece band, but currently it’s ideal for a 4 piece, where all band members can keep to the specified 2 metre distancing.

It is furnished with Premier APK 5 piece drum kit with hardware. 

Carlsbra Bass combo

1 Marshall 4×12 cab

A vocal pa. Vocalist please bring your own microphone, as I am unable to hire them out at the moment.

Drummers please bring breakables i.e. snare, cymbals, bass pedal, sticks.

If you forget, there’s a small hire charge for the above breakables. 

Available from midday through to midnight. 

Price per hour. £18

Please leave the room as tidy as when it was hired. Any cans, food wrappers must be disposed of in the bins in reception