Sam 25. 
It had always been instinct to tap on the desk, fidget my feet and feel rhythm at all times. At the age of eight I was diagnosed as being a drummer, thanks to Chris at Tower Studios. I began learning from scratch with Chris, he taught me all of the techniques I use today. Chris mentored me into achieving all of my Grades.
Whizz 7
I started drumming at 5 years old I love playing the drums every week I wish the lessons were longer.
Ben 18 
I have been having drum lessons at Tower for over 4 years, in that time Chris as shown me new techniques also taken me through my grades. I have recently achieved my grade 8 in Drums. All the lessons are structured with work sheets given. 
Jacob 10
Adam is great he helps me learn the songs I like on bass guitar
Holly 16
I learn Bass guitar at Tower I have a great teacher, lessons well structured. Definitely value for money . 
Matt 25
I am learning piano with Adam at the studio, he is a patient and knowledgeable teacher and I have learnt a lot in a short space of time.
Adam has been teaching my son guitar at Tower studios  for 2 years. His lesson are fun and conducted in a professional manner, he looks forward to them every week he is now just started playing in his own band. 
John 49
The Banjo is just right for me good techniques and patiently taught.
Peter 35
With the help of a good teacher I have finally mastered walking bass lines on my Double bass thanks to all at Tower.
Steve 40
I took up learning the uke a few months ago; I have found it lots of fun with lots of great songs to learn  my playing is coming on really well.
Roy 85
I had my very first Drum lesson with Chris Harvey at 80 years old, within no time I mastered the techniques it was something I always wanted to do but never got round to it. My son and daughter bought me the lessons for my 80th, I have never looked back thank you so much.
Anya 14
Anja’s drumming has gone from strength to strength under Chris’s excellent guidance and teaching. Her technique and musicianship have improved considerably, and she drums like a proper rock drummer! 
Rich 42
I’m glad I took up singing lessons at Tower with Hannah, they have given me confidence and a range I didn’t know I had thanks a lot.