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With 5 furnished studios available for hire.

Band rehearsals run daily from 5 pm through til midnight

Studio 1 can be cleared to accommodate meetings, photo shoots etc.

Rehearsal room hire £17 

the Water Tower

What we do

We offer Tuition in a wide range of instruments.

On site sales in strings, skins, sticks n pics etc .

Drum tuning and servicing.

Instrument service and repair.

We offer 2 recording studios.

Mixing and mastering service.

5 furnished rehearsal  rooms available for hire.

Band mentoring service.

All services charged at excellent rates.

Tuition,practice,record Walk in a novice walk out a pro with your own cd in hand.


We offer Tuition in Drums, Electric guitar, Acoustic, Bass/ Double Bass, Piano, Vocals, Saxophone, Ukulele.

Teaching on all instruments from beginner to advanced standard.

All lessons are structured and thorough with work sheets given.

Lessons are conducted on a one to one basis.

Once the Student is at a playing standard, they have the choice to embark on the Rockschool syllabus.

Here they can attain their exam grades from 1 through to grade 8 with worldwide exam board Rockschool.

The studios continue to maintain a 100% pass rate.

There is no obligation for Students to work on grades; they will still learn the craft and all genres of music and production.

Lesson prices: £32 for a 60 minute lesson or £16 for 30 minutes

Money saving offers on a block of 8 x 60 minute lessons.

We offer lessons set up on standing order each month.

If you would like to know more details contact Chris Harvey 



How it all started! I started drumming at a young age being taught the basics by my grandfather in the early days on an old snare drum. I progressed to having more lessons on full drum kits and also attended lessons on the reading of drum notation.

I embarked on teaching the drums in 1996, working part time in the evenings and weekends. In 2004 I went into full time teaching and the name Drum Mechanics was formed, by me Chris Harvey. Drum Mechanics was initially formed as a mobile teaching /drum kit tuning service, covering a wide area of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire to teach the Drums in schools and homes.

In October 2006 I found a disused unit on Pershore trading estate. The unit is situated under the old water tower, built in 1939 as part of the old Pershore air base, today it is used as a fire hydrant for the fire brigade. Straightaway I got to work creating the studios for teaching, band practice space and a workshop for instrument repairs. Tower Studios the home of Drum Mechanics was born. Incorporating a rehearsal service and recording facilities, with 5 band practice studios, all at competitive prices. 

In February 2010 Tower Studios became an official grade/exam centre for worldwide leading exam RSL Awards, Rockschool syllabus.  

On site sales offer excellent deals on Evans, Promark, Daddario etc. Plus free tea and coffee in a relaxed and chilled environment.

Tower studios – the home of Drum Mechanics – all your musical needs under one roof.